United States Embassy in Cuba expresses condolences for ‘accident north of Bahía Honda’

The deaths of five people, including a minor, in an attempt to leave Cuba illegally, “by colliding with a surface unit of border guard troops during their identification,” made headlines this Saturday, according to the official press.

The incident involved a US-registered speedboat in which some 30 people sailed to cross the Florida Strait and disembark in the United States.

The boat “violated Cuba’s territorial sea in a human trafficking operation and sank after colliding north of Bahía Honda,” the island’s version says.

On October 29, the US embassy in Havana published a notice about the event that was widely criticized on social networks.

“The United States extends our condolences to the families of Cubans who died today in an accident north of Bahía Honda. As we expand safe and legal migration routes, we warn against attempts at dangerous and sometimes fatal irregular migration.

“Now I find out that deliberately ramming a boat is an accident,” commented one user.

“Is there an accident when a boat with more than 20 people is deliberately rammed into the sea to prevent them from fleeing the land?” asked another person.

The Department of the Interior described the event as a “fatal event resulting from the hostile and brutal policy of the United States government against Cuba, which tolerates and encourages illegal departure by allowing illegal migrants to enter the country.” to remain in its territory.”

They also stated in their note that the government of that country “does not contribute to ensuring safe, orderly and regular emigration, while trying to create situations of social destabilization”.

Last March, the MININT published another note saying that “a ship belonging to the Border Guard troops collided with a speedboat carrying migrants north of Ciego de Ávila. The impact killed one person and injured three.

The Cuban government has not commented on the facts. Nor has he taken any responsibility for the growing migration crisis, which has brought more than 224,000 migrants to American soil.

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