Top form helped football player with knife attack in Italy

His physical condition helped Spanish footballer Pablo Marí avoid life-threatening injuries in a knife attack at an Italian shopping center, the surgeon who operated on his injured back said Friday.

“The operation was relatively simple. Fortunately, there were only two damaged muscles,” said Osvaldo Chiara, the director of the general surgery and trauma team at Niguarda Hospital in Milan. “(Marí’s) muscle mass is such that the length of the blade used could not pass through the rib cage and hit his lung.” Monza, the Serie A club where Marí plays on loan from Arsenal, said Marí would need another “two or three days” to recover in hospital.

The club added that Marí will likely need two months of rest before resuming physical activity, while Monza chief executive Adriano Galliani said it would likely be three months before Marí would play again. The Spanish defender posted a photo of himself on Instagram waving a thumbs up in his hospital bed, writing that he and his family are “alright despite the circumstances.

Galliani said the team was “in shock” and had asked Series A to postpone its next game, Monday against Bologna. Marí, 29, called himself “lucky” to survive after injuries to his back and mouth. Five people were stabbed on Thursday and one was killed after a man grabbed a knife from a supermarket shelf, authorities said.

The day after five people were stabbed and one was killed after a man grabbed a knife from a supermarket shelf in Assago, on the outskirts of Milan, a bouquet of flowers is being placed outside the mall. (AP)

Police arrested a 46-year-old Italian man suspected of attacking a shopping center in Assago, a suburb of Milan, carabinieri said. die,” Galliani said after visiting Marí in hospital at the end of Thursday.

“He had his child in a cart and his wife next to him. He was probably saved by his height,” Galliani said of the 1.93 meter tall Marí. “He was hit in the back and then he saw this delinquent stabbing someone in the throat.

“Massimo Tarantino, a former Napoli and Inter Milan footballer, was involved in stopping the attacker. “He was just yelling,” Tarantino told reporters. “I didn’t do anything. I’m not a hero.” Galiani said that Marí also had injuries to his mouth, possibly from teeth grinding during the attack.”He had two stitches on his lip and injuries on his back, which fortunately did not affect any organs,” Galliani said, adding that Marí was “clear”.

Mari’s wife was questioned by police as a witness to the attack, Galliani said. Marí, a centre-back, has played in eight of Monza’s 11 Italian League matches this season, scoring the second goal this month in a 2-0 win over Spezia.

In the second half of last season, he was loaned to Udinese, another Italian club. Monza, which is owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is playing its debut season in the highest division. “Pablo is a great boy,” Galliani said. “He had the strength to joke and tell me that he will be on the field on Monday. I sent him the best wishes from President Berlusconi and all his teammates.

“A supermarket worker died en route to hospital, the ANSA news agency said, which said three other victims were in serious condition. Another person was treated for shock but did not go to hospital, police said. Monza coach Raffaele Palladino also paid a visit to Marí, and Monza made a statement on Twitter Friday in mourning the victim of the attack.

“All of AC Monza deeply shares the family’s grief for the loss of Luis Fernando Ruggieri, the victim of the madness that took place in Assago last night,” the club said. “The thoughts also go out to the other injured and their families during these hours.

“The motive for the attacks was unknown, but police said the man showed signs of being mentally unstable. There were no elements suggesting terrorism. The attack took place near the Assago Forum, an arena where figure skating and short track speed skating will be held for the 2026 Milan-Cortina

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