Top 10 sedans September 2022

Looking at sales of sedans as a whole in September 2022, sales were 31,357 units with 113.2% year-over-year growth and a 5.34% decline MoMNew Honda CityNew Honda City

Compared to just 2,141 units sold in September 2021, Maruti Dzire has come a long way with 9,601 units sold last month. Dzire registered an astonishing 348.44% year-over-year growth with 7,460 units in volume growth. By far the highest wins in this list. MoM analysis tells a very different story. With 11,868 units sold in August 2022, Dzire’s sales declined 19.10% MoM with 2,267 lost units in volume MoM. Also highest on this list. Dzire controls 30.62% of the sedan market.

Next up is Hyundai Aura with 4,239 units sold last month and a 48.11% year-over-year growth and a 3.17% decline in MoM. The market share amounted to 13.52%. Honda’s best-selling sedan today is Amaze. With 4,082 units sold last month, Amaze nearly doubled its year-over-year growth to 97.87% and saw MoM growth of 19.43%.

Since sale September 2022

Tata’s Tigor ranks 4th with 3,700 units in September 2022. Tigor nearly quadrupled its annualized sales to 183.74%, while MoM growth was 6.14%. City takes 5th place with 3,420 units. It registered a growth of just 2.15% year-on-year and when analyzing the moment of sale, City saw a 1.95% decline. Honda City still controls 10.91% of the sedan market.

Despite being the same cars, VW Virtus managed to zoom past Slavia. Sales were 1,986 units and registered solid MoM growth of 127.49% with an increase of 1,113 units in volume. Despite its age, Ciaz still managed to sell 1,359 units and posted 38.53% year-over-year growth, but lost 10.36% MoM.

September 2022 Sedan Sale - YoYSeptember 2022 Sedan Sale – YoY

Hyundai Verna used to be the king of the C-segment sedans. With a new generation on the way, Verna manages to sell 1,654 units and compared to 879 units sold a year ago, Verna records 88.17% year-on-year growth. MoM analysis reveals a revenue decline of 4.61%.

Skoda Slavia was once the reigning champion of the upper segment of sedans in the C-segment. Today, with 937 units sold, it records a 51.73% MoM sales decline with just over a thousand lost units in volume MoM. With 190 units sold, Superb registered a 9.52% year-over-year sales decline and gained 40.74% MoM compared to 135 units sold in August 2022.

Camry registered positive growth

Superb’s younger brother Octavia managed to sell 121 units and sales fell 34.95% year on year from 186 units sold last year. Compared to 119 units sold in August 2022, Octavia registered 1.68% MoM growth. With 68 units sold, Toyota’s Camry sales managed to post positive growth in both the YoY and MoM analysis.

September 2022 Sedan Sales - MoMSeptember 2022 Sedan Sale – MoM

Sedans such as Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento, Hyundai Elantra and Mahindra e-Verito have been discontinued. If we consider sales of sedans as a whole in September 2022, sales were 31,357 units. Compared to 14,708 units sold in September 2021, the sedan segment showed 113.2% year-over-year growth with volume gains in excess of 16.5K. However, compared to 33,127 units sold in August 2022, the sedan segment saw sales decline by 5.34% MoM. The volume loss amounted to 1,770 units.

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