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Honda Activa Electric: Honda, a well-known two-wheeler manufacturer in India, is said to be working on an electric version of its popular ACTIVA scooter. The new Honda Activa Electric could be unveiled in November 2022.

The Indian market is seeing an increasing demand for electric vehicles. Many well-known companies have entered the EV market with their own two- and four-wheeler models. Honda has already introduced electric vehicles and has many plans for the future. Honda Active Electric is one of the most anticipated EVs among the upcoming models.

Honda Activa Electric release date

It is rumored that Honda will introduce its most popular model, the Honda Activa’s Electric Scooty, in November this year. It is worth noting that the Honda Activa is one of the most popular scooters in the country.

Subsidy purchases are getting cheaper

The state and federal government subsidies make the purchase of this electric scooter cheaper in states like Delhi, Haryana and Gujarat than in other states.

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Price and range of the Activa Electric

The petrol variant of the Honda Activa currently costs Rs 72000, but if road tax and other charges are taken into account, the price rises to Rs 77000. An electric Honda Activa in this price range is a huge gift for the people. The EV would have a range of 120-160 kilometers.


After the launch of the Activa Electric, the Ev will compete against the Ola S1, Ather 450X and Hero Vida V1.

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