“This 1994 Honda Civic a Dolphin Lover’s Treat”: Owner’s Review

Today we present to you the owner’s review of a 1994 Honda Civic, also known as Dolphin. This is the 5th generation Civic which came in 3 variants internationally, a 2-door hatchback, 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan, while it was launched in Pakistan in 2 variants, a 4-door sedan with a 1.3 L and with a 1.5L carburettor engine. This particular one is the 1500cc EX variant that produces about 92 hp and 131 Nm of torque. The car originally came with a five-speed manual transmission, but was later converted to an automatic transmission using the Civic Ferio’s gearbox. The car is a rare gem due to its impeccable condition and low mileage.

Purchase decision

The owner is a citizen enthusiast and also shows a lot of interest in restoring old cars. One of his friends had this car for sale and knowing that the car was in excellent condition, he did not let go of the offer and decided to buy it.

Notable features

Being almost 3 decades old, it lacks quirks and features, but is equipped with all the basic amenities including power steering, power windows, adjustable mirrors, an air conditioner, cloth seats, central locking, rear center armrest, etc. The owner has installed also a tilt steering adjustment, which came in international models.


The owner has kept the original look of the car and upgraded it with original parts, which were supplied in international models. These upgrades include a front bumper lip, steering adjuster, a Ferio center cluster, automatic transmission with its original speedometer and the conversion from carburettor to an EFI system for the engine, significantly improving drivetrain and fuel average.

Fuel average

Originally the car gave about 9-10 km/l in stock, but after the EFI conversion the average has increased by 2-4 km/l. Within the city it gets about 12 to 13 km/l while still testing it on the highway.

ground clearance

Ground clearance is primarily an issue because of the low stance, as with most Hondas of the era. With several passengers, the car hits the ground on speed bumps and must be maneuvered carefully.

known issues

The only known issue facing the owner is the wear of the suspension bushings. In his opinion, the state of the roads wears out the bushes and they need to be replaced in a timely manner.


The maintenance costs of this car are relatively high. The main reason for this is the air filter which the owner says should be imported. The total cost for an oil change and filter is about Rs. 10,000.

Spare parts

Aftermarket support for this car is quite strong due to high demand among youngsters, and modification parts are readily available. However, this owner imported the parts because he wanted genuine new ones that were hard to find locally in good condition. The prices of these genuine parts are of course high, and according to the owner “they are three times more expensive than used parts”.

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