The Honda Prelude could come back as an EV: report

The EV future is truly upon us. All signs point to this generation of cars being the last to be pure gasoline cars. While there is still a life cycle of about eight years until the current golden age of internal combustion, automakers are just beginning to make concrete plans for the next generation of products. This brings the rumor mill to life and the latest news from Honda: the Prelude could well come back as an EV.

The Japanese publication Best Car covered rumors of future EV Hondas, including some Japan-only cars, the Prelude and the next NSX. The least spicy rumors are a new Honda ZR-V, which looks like the HR-V in the US market, a slightly larger SUV and a small van called the Freed. Everything is powered by a hybrid powertrain. The most interesting (and speculative) of the lot are the Prelude and NSX. We have reached out to Honda for comment on the rumors and will update when we hear anything.

The Honda Prelude render from Best Car. best car

Still, there are little bits of information to digest here. Honestly, a lot of it is stuff that makes up all EV rumours. According to Best Car, the NSX will be a solid-state battery-powered four-wheel drive supercar to compete with the yet-to-be-announced next-generation Nissan GT-R. Reading between the lines, the most interesting part is the solid-state batteries. According to our top executive Jerry Perez’s report, Honda believes solid-state batteries are key to performance EVs like a future Civic Type R.

The Prelude rumor that follows has about as much concrete info. I’ll be honest, I’m skeptical that Honda would do this. As a business plan, it could only be viable as some sort of tent product or heavily shared car. Believe me, I’d love to see the couple’s ‘Lude’ return, but I’ll believe it when I see it. The market ebbs and flows with its desires and sporty compact coupes have not returned since they died in the late 1990s. Maybe it could even come back as a performance hybrid. Honda themselves have expressed their intention: carbon neutrality, not an outright EV lineup.

Anyway, I won’t be right or wrong until 2028. But maybe there’s hope that Honda will build a cool EV coupe for people like you and me.

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