The British Barack: Darcy Cartoon –

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Just as Barack Obama became the first colored president of the US, Rishi Sunak has become the first colored prime minister of the UK. The Conservative Party leader’s parents are of Indian descent and immigrated to Britain from East Africa in the early 1960s.

Sunak, 42, succeeds Liz Truss who had only lasted six weeks. She followed Boris Johnson’s relatively short tenure as Prime Minister, after Boris ushered in Brexit he was Borexit. Johnson had followed Theresa May, whose tenure was 35 days shorter than Boris’ stint of 3 years and 44 days. Everyone but Truss can still say they lasted longer than Pete Best as a member of Britain’s premier power group, The Beatles, before the drummer was replaced by Ringo Starr.

King Charles III formally recognized Sunak as prime minister. Before becoming King Charles III, he had become the father-in-law to the first biracial member of the British monarchy when his son Prince Harry married the American Megan Markel, now Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry and Megan now live in California, as does Ringo.

India, which, like the US, was once part of the United Kingdom, only a few weeks ago supplanted Britain as the sixth largest economy in the world. It is another indication of the economic turmoil Sunak is now facing as prime minister.

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