The best and most affordable bike in its class with extraordinary features, details here

Honda Motor: The company revealed the features and look of its new bike, which is extremely impressive. One of the best-selling motorcycles in the Indian market is the Honda Shine. Thanks to its superior engine and performance, Honda Shine has managed to maintain a significant market share in the 125cc category, despite growing competition over the years.

This Honda Motor motorcycle dominates its segment with a market share of more than 50%. CB Shine sold a record 10 million units in India earlier this year.

Variant of Honda shine 2022The Honda Shine 2022 has two variants. Priced as the ex-showroom in Delhi for the Shine, the drum brake variant includes both the drum brake and the front disc brake variant.

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Ex-showroom price

According to local taxes and duties, Shine prices in ex showroom in Delhi may vary with your city or state depending on their customs duties. The Honda Shine 2022 comes in two variants. The front disc brake option costs Rs 77,582 while the drum brake version costs Rs 72,787. The Shine prices listed here are ex showroom prices in Delhi and are subject to change.

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