School principals say culture wars were made “rough as hell” last year

“Rough as hell.” That’s how a Nevada high school principal describes the 2021-22 school year, when conflicts with parents and community members were all too common. “Something has to change or we will all stop,” says another California director. Those votes are part of a new, nationally representative survey of 682 public high school principals, … Read more

CANCEL CULTURE WARS: The comedian fears government officials will abuse power to censor free speech

A comedian who said local officials pressured a New Jersey venue to cancel his show fears the government will abuse its power to censor comics. “We have evolved from liberal activists convincing business owners not to host us, to city government officials essentially committing extortion and threatening the venue owners if they are willing to … Read more

Disney CEO Bob Iger tells employees he wants to ‘put to rest’ culture wars, ‘respect’ the public

Iger shared his vision for the company in his first town hall after he retired. Disney’s newly reinstated CEO Bob Iger said he wants to lead an effort to “shut things down” when it comes to the recent cultural and political controversies that have engulfed the company. Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo shared an … Read more

Culture wars

The Israeli ambassador’s comment may save bilateral ties, but may not make The Kashmir Files look good The comments of the Israeli ambassador to India, Naor Gilon, on the film The Kashmir Files must have come as a reassuring balm for the filmmaker, the government and the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata party. The film … Read more

‘Star Wars? Harry Potter?” K-Pop concepts with a pop culture theme

The great thing about K-Pop is that it’s always so exciting to see all the fun concepts they create. It’s even more exciting when their concepts are pop culture themed, because it has a sense of familiarity, and fans just get excited to see how well they execute the references. Sure, there are many K-Pop … Read more

Characters from ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ – Creighton Sun, the Chancellors and more

The “Characters of the High Republic” video series continues. The official Star Wars YouTube channel continues to introduce readers to the various characters and factions of the High Republic Phase 2, with the first batch of shorts focusing on the Path of Deceit protagonists. Now that Convergence is in stores, the focus on the series … Read more

Star Wars Cartoon Ewoks Baseball T-Shirt for Men – White/Black

Enjoy comfort and fashion at the same time with this unique graphic t-shirt for men from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Show off your skills with this stylish new men’s baseball t-shirt that’s perfect for any occasion! Featuring three Ewoks on top of a tree with the Rebel logo carved into it. Find the … Read more

The billionaire lieutenant who helps Elon Musk fight the culture wars

Sacks has also been an outspoken supporter of the crypto industry, targeting the media for its coverage of the market in the wake of the dramatic collapse of FTX, an exchange run by major Democratic donor Sam Bankman-Fried. In a tweet this week, Sacks wrote: “For years, the highbrow media has treated every successful tech … Read more

Andor season 1 restored my faith in Star Wars

There are few Star Wars productions with the same measured sophistication as Andor. More of a political thriller than an all-encompassing action vehicle, Tony Gilroy’s magnificent TV series offers a decidedly grown-up look at that galaxy far, far away, one based on sharp dialogue spoken in dark alleys by people on both sides of keep … Read more