Iranians celebrate the team’s loss at the World Cup

Since then, protests have swept across the country, challenging the authority of the government. The Iran soccer team’s defeat to the US in the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday sparked unusual celebrations in their homeland, in stark contrast to the reaction expected after losing a national soccer team. Cheers in the streets of Iran have … Read more

Silent messages, unforgettable drama during the FIFA World Cup

England players knelt before kick-off against Iran They call football the beautiful game, and spectacular moments from the greatest showcase, the World Cup, remain in memory like jewels. Think of Geoff Hurst taking the roof off the net at Wembley to take England’s only victory in 1966; or Argentina’s Diego Maradona danced the tango with … Read more

Iran arrests soccer player over government criticism

State media in Iran report that Voria Ghafouri, a former member of the country’s national football team, has been arrested for criticizing the government. The semi-official Fars and Tasnim news agencies reported on Thursday that he had been arrested for insulting the national football team, which is currently participating in the World Cup, and criticizing … Read more