Internet explodes when NASA spots Cartoon Bear on the surface of Mars

“The fact that NASA is hiding the truth about life on Mars is unbearable.” Mars Bear Tired: Cocaine Bear. Wired: Martian. NASA’s University of Arizona-based High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) gave the internet an absolute treat yesterday, in the form of an unusual mammalian feature spotted on the surface of the Red Planet by NASA’s … Read more

Justin Roiland’s podcast clip leaves the internet baffled amid the grooming scandal

As Justin Roiland faces domestic violence and child molestation allegations, a clip has emerged online of the Rick and Morty co-creator admitting to being attracted to minors. He appeared on a podcast show talking about the bodies of teens that left the internet haunted. In 2011, Justin Roiland appeared on The Grandma’s Virginity Podcast along … Read more

Is Bluey a boy or a girl? Plus, more frequently asked questions about the beloved cartoon – Henry Herald

Is Bluey a boy or a girl? Plus, more frequently asked questions about the beloved cartoon Henry HeraldSee full coverage on Google News

The Internet has finally identified this 90s cartoon elf

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 14, 2022. It has since been updated. There are few things people love online more than a mystery. From helping identify mysterious figures to unraveling the most complicated riddles, internet sleuths jump at the chance to provide answers to seemingly unanswerable questions and have built quite … Read more

Is Bluey a boy or a girl? Plus, more FAQs about the beloved cartoon | Arena

Everything you need to know about the popular children’s show! There’s a charming children’s show on Disney Junior and Disney+ that has captivated both young children and their parents in recent years. Heck, even some childless adults admit watching this show as a guilty pleasure! The series is Bluey, an Australian import about a family … Read more

Scream your head off at VR cartoons with this human muzzle

In 2018, we were introduced to the BLOXVOX, a kind of Bane-inspired techno-gimp mask intended to suppress the noise created by work call conversations and, as an unadvertised bonus, the wearer’s desperate screams. While the device hasn’t really caught on in the past four years, that hasn’t stopped other companies from seeing huge promise in … Read more

Seller turns on cartoons for homeless street children, internet applauds his gesture

If you are tired of constantly struggling with your daily worries in the cold winter, this video will surely be a boon to your feed and bring a smile to your face. It will also make you admit that kindness, which today is believed to be a rare virtue, still exists. An anonymous shopkeeper is … Read more

Newspaper clipping featuring Cartoon Network shows makes the internet nostalgic

Cartoon Network is one of the oldest cartoon channels A newspaper clipping caused a trip down memory lane after it went viral. Shared on Linkedin by user Vinod Arora, the snippet shows a list of animated shows available on Cartoon Network. The clip contains the schedule of cartoons that aired on Cartoon Network starting at … Read more

Adult Anxiety Self-management via the Internet and a computer

The following is a summary of “Efficacy of Computer- and/or Internet-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Self-Management for Depression in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials” published in the November 2022 issue of Psychiatry by Mamukashvili -Delau et al. Grief affects people all over the world. Patients with mild to severe depressive symptoms may benefit … Read more