Sports Authority of Goa Executive Director

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2022 4:17 PM IST

New Delhi [India], October 26 (ANI): Sports Authority of Goa Executive Director Dr. Ajay Gaude has said the FIFA hosting has labeled Goa’s football fields as “the best in the country” after inspecting the venues. The Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Margao, Goa currently hosts the largest number of matches in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. The state of Goa has a long history in Indian football and the state government has left no stone unturned to promote the wonderful game and build a brighter future for it. the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. Goa is the venue where the most number of matches in the World Cup are played, including two quarter-finals and two semi-finals,” said Dr. Ajay Gaude in a press release from the All Indian Football Association (AIFF). Having installed Fatorda is one of a kind, and FIFA, after inspecting our venues, said that Goa has the best pitches in India,” he added. In an effort to popularize football among the younger generation, the Sports has Authority of Goa has also taken it upon themselves to allow thousands of school children into the stadium before every game. “Football is the state sport in Goa. It is in every Goan’s blood, and they follow the game from childhood to old age. We’re all part of the game,” said Dr Gaude. “Sometimes that number has gone up to eight thousand,” he added.

The sports director further said that football is an important sport for the state government as the sport can also further improve the general economy of Goa. general economic growth that we want to achieve through sport. We all know that our state has so many beautiful beaches and a very welcoming culture. Football is a great means of promoting the tourism industry in Goa and thus further boosting our economy,” he said. Goa has two Arjuna Awardees (both legends of Indian football) – Brahmanand Sankhwalkar and Bruno Coutinho – and the duo plays a vital role in the development of the grassroots level game in the state. legends like Bruno Coutinho and Brahmanand Sankhwalkar, such as Brandon Fernandes, Liston Colaco, Glan Martins and many more currently play in the Senior Men’s Team, Michel Castanha and Karishma Shirvoikar in the Senior Women’s Team, and we’ve also had coaches like Maymol Rocky , and they are all legends that motivate the youth in Goa, and continue to make our contribution to Indian football,” said Dr Gaude. “Football is played in every corner of the state be it on grass, earth or mud is. We have several plans for future developments. With quality stadiums such as Fatorda, Tilak Maidan and Bambolim, we also have grass pitches and a Khelo India center. The Goa Football Council is appointed for the development of football, and Brahmanand Sankhwalkar is the chairman. We have also created 44 centers in the state for basic activities for children aged 10 to 15,” added the Executive Director. One of the main goals, says Dr. Gaude, is for Goa to regain the Santosh Trophy title, something that the state has won five times.” It has been 13 years since Goa won the Santosh Trophy and it is our hope that we can become champions again in the coming years. We will also host the National Games in 2023 and I am sure that the infrastructure we have built here will help the state in the long run,” he added. (ANI)

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