Ruben Neves to Barcelona is ‘very advanced’ – report

Ruben Neves was not ashamed of his admiration for Barcelona last week. The Wolves player has been linked with a move to Camp Nou and added some fuel to the fire with an interview last week.

Sport is now reporting that “everything is very advanced” and surprisingly it is not the economics of the potential deal that could be the delay, but the sporting aspects instead.

According to the report, Neves could be on loan for six months in January, with the transfer at the end of the season including a mandatory purchase option.

The only problem is that Barca are not entirely sure that Neves is a slam dunk in the role and has other options they are keeping an eye on. If Barca decides he fits the bill, it at least looks like they won’t have any trouble convincing him to sign on the dotted line.

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