Robyn Lawley Reveals Why She’s Recording a PETA Cartoon

EXCLUSIVE: The Australian model spoke to Yahoo News Australia from New York City about animal welfare, voicing a crocodile named Sidney and luxury handbags. Video: Michael Dahlstrom

Video transcription

– Australian model Robyn Lawley has given her voice to a gruesome new campaign by animal rights group PETA.

ROBYN LAWLEY: One day some people cornered me and tied ropes tight around my mouth. They shocked me with an electric jab.

– Aimed to shed light on the cruelty associated with the luxury handbag industry. We spoke to her in New York.

ROBYN LAWLEY: I don’t think crocodiles should be kept in such limited conditions. They are kept in small boxes until they are 36 months old. And then they get killed in a pretty inhumane way.

The human cut my girlfriend’s neck and ram a rod into her head. She was alive all the time.

They are kept together. So they’re on top of each other in these pits, so it’s really grotesque. They get very sick and injured, and there is no vet for them. They are simply treated as if they are already a bag.

I could see and feel everything. But I couldn’t help her because the electric shock had paralyzed me. As people approached me, I heard one of them say it would take three or more of us crocodiles to make one expensive bag.

It’s just trying to get to the viewers of what the animal is really going through. Because I think we just turn a blind eye and they really fooled the consumer. This cognitive dissonance of them wanting to sell you this item and they sell it in such a way that you feel like it’s such a fantastic purchase.

It is so beautiful. It’s such a great item and you want it so badly. You want this bag.

You must have this bag and yet this animal is in a pit and treated like shit, you know. It is in the worst conditions imaginable. You would never want to live in that kind of situation.

Knowledge is power. And I think the more you know, the better you buy. It’s been so long since we sold this idea for so long.

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And I’m no better. I have many handbags. I really loved handbags. I have collected a lot.

And you’re obsessed with the leather. You are like lambskin. And then when you turn the other way, you realize that lambskin, for example, is just a baby animal that you just caress.

So it’s just like this switch. So I’m just trying to make people realize that this is a crocodile. This is one of the most precious species we have and which we simply slaughter inhumanely for keeping them in the most appalling conditions we can.

Let’s be free and preserve our skin for the sake of everyone. Never buy shoes, belts, bags or other accessories made from the skin of wild animals.

I believe the fashion world can change. I’ve been a curvy model for so long and it’s changed now. The runway is now much more diverse. We have so many more ethnicities, so many more sizes, and that’s what I’ve advocated for so long.

I think the fashion world could be more ethical. And I think, you know, I say mushroom skin, you can grow this. You don’t have to torture an animal. You can grow it.

And you can grow it in three months. So I think it’s stupid of the fashion world to keep torturing these animals when you can grow them. So I don’t see why we do it anymore.

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