Roberto Carlos reacts to Arturo Vidal

Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos appeared on Brazilian channel Full Extra this week and was asked to respond to comments from Arturo Vidal, Filipe Luis and the entire Flamengo locker room. These comments did not go down well in Madrid.

“I’m already listening to some small talk, some vocals,” said Roberto Carlos of Flamengo’s trash talk. “First Real Madrid has to get past the opponent, and Flamengo too. I thought about River Plate (in 2018), and they lost to the opponent (Al-Ain). That’s an advantage. Flamengo deserved it and faced a great opponent ( Athletico-PR). Because of the structure and the coach, Flamengo deserves it. And this tournament is short. When the tournament is short, it is complicated to make an analysis of a final if it has not already passed the opponent.

“How many times my friend Vidal insinuated a few words to Real Madrid, he arrived at the game, he didn’t even touch the ball. I told him that. Let’s think about the semi-finals first, stop singing this. Real Madrid can you wait? Wait what? You have waited a long time. I said to Vidal, calm down, you are very stressed at Real Madrid, relax”

Roberto Carlos also stated that there is no timetable or venue for the Club World Cup yet.

“I spoke to people from FIFA yesterday, we still don’t know where the World Cup will take place, if there will be any,” explains Carlos. “It’s complicated. The Club World Cup is not an advantage for FIFA. And one of the conversations we’ve had is that it could end at any moment.”

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