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Lillian Bachmeier, Mandan

In human evolution, anthropologists argue that 500,000 years ago the brain tripled in size, expanding the neocortex that predisposes us to mystical or spiritual experiences and the desire to believe in a supreme being or the supernatural.

Over the centuries, this alleged MATZ2 gene (God gene) has given humanity hope, structure and security.

But it is also armed. Historians believe that 90% of religious wars are based on economics.

The Old Testament is, in fact, the story of the Israelites taking and defending land while God helps and establishes it. The crusades were motivated by the knights who plunder and steal. Slavery got God’s blessing from the Old Testament, expansion to the west included Christianizing the natives, especially the children, and as we slaughtered the Filipinos in the Spanish-American War, the military cry was, “We’ve got to Christianize those little Negroes.” .”

Nothing has changed, just got more advanced. This is why the Republican Party focuses on cultural/religious issues such as abortion, waking up and gays. They wrap their message with religiosity as they steal.

Examples: Republicans plan to increase Medicare to age 67, Social Security to age 70, while refusing to tax corporations. With Senate control, they have filed the global tax of 15% on corporations signed by 136 countries. They tried to privatize and jeopardize the social security system in 1994, and wanted to privatize the post office, where all salaries would go to top CEOs with little benefit to employees.

Today there is a better way to gain power and control than bloodshed and that is through the legal system, such as the creation of the United Nations. On a national level, the savvy Republicans have understood the importance of these crucial legal bodies and have successfully gained control of the Supreme Court and are working to control the lower courts. This has led to the erosion of democracy through statements such as Citizens/United and gerrymandering.

Using the courts, religion and legislation, Republicans have successfully placed our nation’s wealth in the hands of the 2%, all accomplished with the blessing of their voters in the belief that their party represents Almighty God.

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