Quique Setien says he regrets not leaving Barcelona sooner

Ex Barcelona coach and Villarreal boss Quique Setien talked about his former club this week. Setien made it clear that he regrets how things went at Barcelona, ​​but makes it clear that the dream of coaching Barcelona was not as expected.

“Barca was the team I always dreamed of coaching, but when you see there are things you can’t change, you have to leave,” he said.

“But it’s an opportunity you’ve always dreamed of. And arrive through one door and leave the next month through another like [Jose Antonio] Camacho did [at Real Madrid in 1998]…

“There was a moment when I thought about it, but you overcome those moments. If there are things that don’t fit, don’t be a hypocrite and go.

“When you come to a club that has been winning everything for 14 years… there are habits that I had never seen before.

“There are things you can’t change because they’re so established and it’s not an easy situation. It was a huge learning experience. I would do it again without a doubt. You learn all kinds of things to get better in the future.”

Setien | Source

There’s no doubt that Setien came at an unfortunate time in the club’s history, but when your dream club calls, you pick up the phone.

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