Popular Cartoon Network Shows We’ll Remember

Millennials and also Gen-Z kids have grown up on cartoon network shows. Most of us can remember a distant time when we couldn’t wait to get home from school, turn on the TV and tune in to the Cartoon Network channel. Our favorite shows also couldn’t wait to give us the storylines of their stories. Recent developments have left us thinking about the popular cartoon network shows that we will remember.

Initially, there was a wave of concern among people as rumors of our beloved Cartoon Network shutting down made the rounds on social media. Then people were partially relieved when the truth came out: Cartoon Network Studios merged with Warner Bros. animation. Again, it meant that Cartoon Network would lose its original charm that had captivated us in our childhood.

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The merger decision came after Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) had laid off 82 scripted, unscripted and animation staff. There were additional reports that Warner Bros. refused to fill the 43 other vacant positions. So the general gloomy mood among Cartoon Network kids prevailed, especially when Warner Bros. removed more than 30 animated titles from HBO Max.

Social media was flooded with nostalgic posts of people reminiscing about their favorite shows. Twitter user @YasongotYoints tweeted, “I feel like I’ve let Cartoon Network down by not watching them enough”. Another user @Derp7oSoup tweeted: “I remember when I was 11 I wanted to go to Cal Arts and work at Cartoon Networks because as a kid I thought Cartoon Network was the best and thought they would be really chill there”.

So in the spirit of reliving those sweet memories of watching great Cartoon Network shows, check out this list of seven of the most popular cartoon Network shows that we’ll remember. From chilling mysteries to action-packed missions to save the world, all the storylines from our favorite Cartoon Network shows had a permanent place in our hearts.

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