Ohio Faith Leaders Bring Peace to the Polls

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Faith in Public Life is a group of faith leaders who have come together to bring peace and protection to the polls.

What You Need to Know Friday is National Early Voting Day Belief in public life began in 2020, ahead of the presidential election Clergy, social workers and volunteers make up the peacekeepers of the group Peacekeepers learn about voting logistics and de-escalation tactics There are more than 75 peacekeepers scattered throughout the state

Reverend Dan Clark said the initiative started in response to an increase in hate speech, voter suppression and intimidation ahead of the 2020 election. to have someone with you, to help you stay strong and stay in line to vote made a difference,” Clark said.

Ahead of the November elections, faith leaders gathered to pray for peace and fairness. They walked from Trinity Episcopal Church to the office of Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Amina Barhumi, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ohio, said their work doesn’t stop with prayer. “We are combining the work to ensure that people come to the polls and are protected, and we will continue to do the work to ensure that the marginalized members of the community show up and are supported,” Barhumi said.

Clark said clergy, social workers and volunteers will act as peacekeepers during election season. They learn voting logistics and de-escalation tactics to ensure every voter feels safe and protected. “Faith leaders of all different faiths really want to come together and keep peace and offer a ministry of presence so that people can participate confidently in that sacred task of voting,” Clark said.

Faith in Public has so far seen no voter suppression or intimidation in Ohio, but they are prepared to see large numbers of votes this weekend and have more than 75 peacekeepers scattered across the state.

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