Official: FC Barcelona is out of the UEFA Champions League

After a loss and then a draw in consecutive games against Inter Milan, FC Barcelona always knew they needed a miracle to stay in the UEFA Champions League this season. They should have beaten Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou and hoped Inter would lose to Viktoria Plzen at San Siro. Given what we’ve seen so far, that’s not going to happen.

The Nerazzurri have now officially beaten the Czech champions 4-0 with goals from Mkhitaryan, Dzeko and Lukaku. So, Barcelona is back in the Europa League for a second season in a row. No, they cannot be dumped out of Europe altogether, as without a group win there is no way for Plzen to make up for the Catalans’ four points so far in the group stage.

How will this affect the Barca team going to Bayern tonight? According to Xavi, they would watch Inter play from the dressing room and hope for a miracle. If not, doesn’t their competition at Camp Nou become practically useless?

What must Robert Lewandowski think? He certainly did not expect that when he made his transfer offer to leave Bayern this summer. Now he will be forced to play in Europe’s second-tier club competition, where he will be joined by the likes of a washed-up Cristiano Ronaldo. Lewy’s dreams of winning a Ballon d’Or in the coming season are currently shattered.

As for the Barca team itself, they definitely expected to do better in the CL this year. Pedri admitted this in an interview before the match. Such a failure for a second season in a row can’t be good for their finances, and you have to wonder what this team will do to keep trying to win.

If you’d like to report on our game tonight, join the discussion on the game thread. We hope to see you there!

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