My husband named our son after a cartoon character – everyone is convinced we will regret it

BETWEEN loved ones and celebrities, parents are often creative in choosing their baby’s name, but they don’t always make the right choice.

The father of a child took a unique approach and named their son after a cartoon character. Everyone tells them that they will probably regret their decision.

Cathy's Husband Named Their Son After an Anime Character, And People Think They'll Regret It


Cathy’s husband named their son after an anime character, and people think they’ll regret it Credit: TikTok/catgaultThey don't regret naming their son Escanor from the Seven Deadly Sins


They don’t regret naming their son Escanor from the Seven Deadly SinsCredit: Getty

Ever since Cathy G’s partner chose their son’s name, people have told them they probably wish they hadn’t chosen it.

Cathy posted a TikTok in which she responded to the individuals who made these assumptions, showing that they do not regret their choice.

“When my son was born and we told everyone what his name was going to be, everyone, well, almost everyone, said you’d regret it,” says Cathy.

And it wasn’t just the people who spoke. Cathy could see from the judgment on people’s faces that they thought the same.

“But my son is almost a year old now and I don’t regret his name,” she admits.

So, what’s the name of Cathy’s son?

She reveals that she and her partner knew his name would be Escanor long before he was born.

Since Cathy chose their daughter’s name, Poppy, her husband was responsible for their son’s name.

The name Escanor comes from the animated series Seven Deadly Sins, a story about a group of knights and a princess who fight for control of their kingdom.

Escanor was the previous second prince of the kingdom.

“From the day I found out we had a son, that’s what we called him. That’s what we called him. That’s what he always called we called him,” Cathy explains.

“I had to let him have this one.”

And now Cathy says she and her husband love the name.

According to Cathy, people criticize their choice even if they have never heard of the anime from which his name comes.

“No friends, no family, no colleagues, no one has seen this show on Netflix,” Cathy argues.

“Anyway, everyone loves it now. Everyone loves him. He’s just little baby Escanor.”

While most viewers supported him and loved his name, others were still critical.

“He’ll be a proud man, but in a good way,” wrote one fan, while an opponent said: “You surround yourself with the right people when no one has heard of seven deadly sins.”

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