Music and the Spoken Word: Moving Forward with Faith

Editor’s Note: “The Spoken Word” is shared every Sunday by Lloyd Newell during the weekly broadcast of the Tabernacle Choir in Temple Square. This will be given on Sunday, October 30, 2022.

With good reason, we often admire people who are persistent and resilient—those who face hardship but simply refuse to quit. We are in awe of their guts and confidence, and we say to ourselves, “If only I had that kind of willpower.”

Whether we’re dealing with physical or spiritual challenges, mental or emotional hurdles, sometimes the best thing we can do is just keep going. Consider these inspiring words from a resilient man of faith, President Russell M. Nelson: “When embarking on a business, both the energy and the will to endure are essential.[…]Whatever your work, endure at the beginning, endure opposing forces along the way, and endure to the end.” .

An unknown poet put it this way:

Stick to your task until it stays with you;

There are many beginners, but very few.

Honor, power, place and praise

Will come in time for the one who stays.

Stick to your task until it stays with you;

Bow to it, sweat over it, laugh at it too;

For out of the curve and the sweat and the smile

After a while the victories of life will come.

(See “Stick to Your Job” in “Best-Loved Poems of the LDS People,” edited by Jack M. Lyon and others, published 1996, pages 255–56.)

But what about those moments when our will is high, but our power is low? Where do we find “the energy… to persevere”? When faced with difficulties, a couple often turns to each other and says, “All we can do is move forward.” But in the end, they added two key words to their well-known chorus: “All we can do is move forward in faith.”

In many cases, those resilient, confident people we admire would tell us that their confidence isn’t just in themselves. We are not expected to go it alone. Every “victory of life” is a team victory. We all need love and support, wisdom and encouragement from others. And above all, we need the Lord Jesus Christ and His strengthening, sustaining influence. Indeed, the best kind of willpower comes from a higher power. It is our faith that unlocks that power.

Faith helps us see beyond our current struggles. Faith gives us more confidence than our own and allows us to move forward toward a future that is even better than we can imagine. That is the difference between enduring to the end and enduring to the end with faith.

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