Mister Cartoon and Model honor Dia de los Muertos in a lively way, interview

Modelo has long supported the ‘Fighting Spirit’ mentality. While that concept can be applied in many ways, the partnership with Mister Cartoon comes together not only in a visual representation of those words, but also through a celebration of community and culture. As Dia de los Muertos gets closer, the collaboration brings the family celebration more alive.

Ahead of this year’s Dia de los Muertos celebration, Modelo and Mister Cartoon are encouraging everyone to participate in the “Raise One In Their Honor” campaign. These digital ofrendas are a way to celebrate family members and put a happy note in the annual event. Instead of focusing on what was lost, it’s a time to remember the positive impact family members had.

During a recent conversation with Mister Cartoon, we talked about what Dia de Los Muertos means to him. As he explained, in his family, “it was always a good time.” While the celebration stems from “our Aztec roots, it is a way to celebrate our loved ones who have passed away.” The point is not to focus on the sadness, but to find a way to bring the happiness to the gathering.

For Mister Cartoon, those ofrendas are a creative, lively way for people to celebrate. While the bold colors may grab his attention, it’s more than a splash of color. These celebrations are a way to keep the cultural celebrations from drifting away.

While his tattoo style and artwork may live in shades of gray, this annual event with its colorful interpretations helps keep that festive idea alive. As seen in Modelo’s models, the color scheme has that vibrant tone.

Mister Cartoon and Modelo designed cans

Mister Cartoon and Modelo Collaborate on Raise One In Their Honour, photo provided by Modelo

Mister Cartoon commented, “My artwork lives in a black and gray world like an old gangster movie or something. But when I work with Modelo, it explodes. The bright marigolds come, and it’s something you wouldn’t normally see from me. Since we’re celebrating this is kind of the opposite of my other artworks where black and gray have dark shades These skulls are like a party They’ve got guitars in their hands, trumpets in their heads it’s a party from the dead through a feast of clarity.”

As part of this year’s campaign, Mister Cartoon will review all of the ofrendas submitted and choose one person to receive a special commemorative tattoo. For him, it’s important to turn that sad feeling into something positive, like a tattoo.

He explained how this tattoo can have a positive vibe, saying, “They’ll be able to wear it and take that devotion to that loved one’s wisdom even when they’re taking that dirty nap. It’s real and it’s fair.”

Mister Cartoon gives some advice on getting a memorial tattoo and suggests there are many directions. While he understands that some people may choose a realistic photo portrait, there are other ways to honor a loved one.

He suggested coming up with elements they loved. From a drummer touched by music to a love of fashion, those special moments, memories and personality traits celebrate and can influence the design. Those ideas are timeless.

Ultimately, Mister Cartoon wants everyone to remember the good times people spent together. Although his artwork has clouds mixed with rays of light or angels contrasted with skulls, each concept comes from his authentic heart. That sentiment is arguably the single greatest guiding force to lead a Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Visit http://raiseoneintheirhonor.com/ to learn more about the Mister Cartoon and Modelo collaboration and about this year’s digital ofrendas and promotion.

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