Market inspection performed | The Arunachal Times

SAGALEE, Oct 29: In an effort to streamline market regulation and permitting procedures, the Papum Pare County Council began its second county-wide market inspection on Friday, from Sagalee to Toru.

The city magistrates of Sagalee and Toru, respectively Khoda Oniya and Yang Siram, led the inspection team in the respective markets.

Trade Development Officer (TDO) Tai Arun appealed to retailers to refrain from illegally selling unauthorized items such as spirits, gasoline and tobacco products.

Citing the severe penalties enshrined in the Cigarettes & Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, he warned retailers against selling tobacco products to children under the age of 18, urging them to schools and religious places tobacco-free zones.

Trade permits for all stores were verified and merchants and retailers were made aware of the importance of owning and renewing their trade permits. New and renewal forms were also distributed.

The inspection team has also seized gambling items and fined people who play dice without a license at the Friday market here. A fine of Rs 39,850, mostly collected from repeat offenders, was deposited in the custody of the magistrate. In Toru, all illegal items seized were destroyed on the spot, in the presence of the magistrate, the Sagalee PS OC, the TDO and others.

The inspection team consisted of officials from the Trade & Commerce, Tax & Excise and District Tobacco Control Unit, in addition to the PI, members of the Market Welfare Committees and police personnel. (DIPRO)

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