Maggie McGraw Shares Iconic ‘Parent Trap’ Halloween Costume

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s daughter, Maggie McGraw, just outdid everyone else for Halloween.

The 24-year-old took to her Instagram to show off her Iconic transformation just in time for the spooky season with a carousel of snaps.

McGraw and her boyfriend dressed up as the adorable Hallie and Annie from Lindsay Lohan’s classic movie The Parent Trap, wearing red wigs and replicas of the outfits the characters wore in the film.

The first photo showed McGraw and her boyfriend wearing the twins’ classic Camp Walden uniforms — white t-shirts with green-colored trim around the sleeves and neckline — but it looks like Hallie and Annie have grown up a bit, like McGraw and her boyfriend held glasses of white wine for the photo.

McGraw and her boyfriend also recorded an outfit change, mimicking a photo of the twins wearing yellow floral shirts with their hands against their cheeks.

She also added side-by-side photos to show how perfect the costumes were compared to the original Hallie and Annie, along with a hilarious photoshop image of McGraw and her boyfriend on a promotional poster for the film.

“Annie and Hallie are getting confused,” she wrote in the caption, seemingly referring to the wine in the first photo.

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McGraw’s sisters took to the comments to spice up their sibling’s Halloween costume.

20-year-old Audrey McGraw wrote, “Oh my god,” along with a follow-up comment, “The last one HAHAHAH,” referring to the Photoshopped billboard.

Gracie McGraw, 25, also chimed in, writing, “I’m crying,” along with an additional comment, jokingly writing, “You look exactly the same!!”

Maggie really pulled out all the stops for this iconic recreation of the classic movie, and we love it!

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