Locals deny burial of elderly man’s body at village cremation site

Jharigaon: The body of a resident, who died yesterday, was not allowed to be buried in the village cremation site by many local residents belonging to Hindu religion in Gulibadana under Jharigaon block in Nabarangpur district, because he had previously embraced Christianity had embraced.

The deceased was identified as Jeetu Bhatra, who belonged to Gulibadana village.

Tension flared in the place after an altercation between fellow villagers and the relatives of the deceased over the denial of the last rites. The elderly man’s body was in his home, a police officer said.

Things took a nasty turn when some local residents from the majority community beat Jeetu’s relatives with bamboo sticks and verbally abused them.

After being informed, Jharigaon tehsildar and the Revenue Inspector reached the village and tried to convince the fellow villagers for a solution to the problem.

Members of the Hindu religion did not agree with the local government’s proposal.

“We will perform the funeral rites where the local government will give us a place for that,” said Jeetu’s late son.

“The elderly man’s family usually makes filthy remarks about our gods; that is why we will not have them cremated,” many villagers claimed.

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