Joan Mir Considers Compartment Syndrome Surgery Before Going to Honda

The Malaysian Grand Prix ended badly for Joan Mir, who suffered an unexpected episode of stress compartment syndrome in her arm and is now waiting to be seen by a doctor for possible surgery.

At Sepang, the Suzuki mallorcan couldn’t ride as he wanted, he lost position after position and the race went from fifth, where he came, to last, 19th.

At the end of the race, the Spaniard admitted that he was considering surgery at the end of the season to attack the new phase of his career at Honda:

– I want to go to the doctor because I can’t let this happen to me again. There can be no reason to end the weekend like this. Yes [I am thinking about getting a surgery], serious. I think it could be a good option. Honestly, if you add it all up, we changed a front lever at the start of the weekend because I suggested it. Then I also had some stomach issues that could make it a little bit worse. Perhaps a little bit of everything is at the root of this big problem.

The 2020 champion has missed a number of races this season due to injuries. This meant he didn’t have the physical preparation he normally has all season as he didn’t have the opportunity to train as much as before, he said: “Normally I also do a lot of motocross, dirt roads during the season. I can train with many bikes. For the past few months I couldn’t even train with the motorcycle [due to the ankle injuries]. This might be a bit of a problem.”

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