I configured the perfect 2023 Honda Civic Type R for $44,746

And there isn’t much to choose from. It’s a pretty typical new car configurator where options are incredibly limited or just don’t exist, and a small color palette compliments some dealer-installed accessories. But there are some options exclusive to the Type R that can really change the MSRP and give the car a bit of spice. Also, there is a sparse but well-chosen selection of paint colors.

The main points of any future Type R build will be the color and whether or not to go for the optional but lighter $3,100 forged wheels. There are five color choices: the classic Crystal Black Pearl, Rallye Red, the newly introduced Boost Blue instead of the previous generation Aegean Blue, the required Championship White and Sonic Gray Pearl. I have an affinity with Sonic Gray Pearl as it covers my own 2019 Type R and has a lot of depth than being a gray again. But for my hypothetical new CTR, I had a huge debate over the choice of Rallye Red or Championship White.


After 2 minutes of internal deliberation, I opted for Rallye Red. Yes, Champ White’s heritage has a lot of allure to me, but the FL5 wears the red really well. As much as Boost Blue is a great shade of blue, I could never match it with the aggressive red interior. Type R heritage be damned, I wish I could spec a black interior for Boost Blue.

Finally, the $3,100 question about the optional forged wheels. I decided not to spend my hypothetical money on it as there are honestly better options for the same money on the aftermarket. $3,100 isn’t far from a brand new set of TE37 wheels, or really any choice of a quality aftermarket forged wheel. The Honda wheels look pretty cool, but it could be better.

The optional wheel. Honda

I also skipped the Alcantara wheel for obvious reasons – it will get dirty. I also skipped the $2,250 carbon fiber wing because it seems like a huge waste of money. Honda is claiming a performance gain, which I bet is marginal at best. Jumping for the lighted sill molding ($325), the contoured floor mats ($195), the seat back protectors and the cargo bed ($236), my total build cost is $44,746 with destination. Not cheap, but just for academic curiosity, adding the wheels and wing brings that total to a breath-taking $50,096.

There isn’t much to choose from, but it’s a cool way to burn off a few minutes. Check it out and report with your specs in the comments. I won’t judge you for buying the grand piano.

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