Hoonigan Fits a 700hp IndyCar V6 Engine on 2017 Honda Ridgeline for SEMA 2022

From the back door, the vehicle is an empty shell, which saves a lot of weight. Wejpanich is confident the team can lose 2,000 pounds from the Ridgeline.

The team quickly gets to work, stripping the Ridgeline of all unnecessary components and embellishments. Since the Ridgeline isn’t in an elevator, the Hoonigan crew has to get creative and find another way to free the stock V6 engine from the body. The power source is placed on a pallet, while a forklift does the heavy lifting. Soon, and with minimal fuss, the team is one step closer to its goal.

It won’t be long before the entire truck floor, doors and interior are removed, leaving nothing but a blank canvas for Hoonigan to work with. Things are off to a good start as the team decides to weigh the stripped Ridgeline.

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