Honda unveils the Prologue, its first electric SUV

Honda has unveiled the design of the Prologue, the first electric SUV and vehicle developed in collaboration with General Motors.

Like most of its Japanese peers in the auto industry, Honda is lagging behind when it comes to all-electric vehicles.

The automaker focused too much on hydrogen fuel cells and hybrids, resulting in a very small range of all-electric models and next to nothing in North America.

Since Honda ceased production of the Clarity Electric in 2019, the automaker has not had an all-electric vehicle in the US.

For years, Honda has been teasing its first new EV, the Prologue, which was co-developed with GM.

Honda finally fully unveiled the Prologue’s design today:

Honda today offered the first look at the exterior and interior styling of the all-new Honda Prologue battery-electric SUV that will hit the market in North America in 2024. and plenty of interior space ready for adventure inside and outside the city limits.

Here is the exterior design of the Honda Prologue:

Here is the interior design of the Honda Prologue electric SUV:

Honda released some more details about the design in a press release, including the fact that it will be bigger than its popular CR-V:

Prologue is conceived as a modern and fresh design that will feel at home in the showroom with existing Honda SUVs. The Prologue’s generous proportions and spacious interior position the SUV alongside the Passport in Honda’s light truck range. Prologue has a 121.8-inch wheelbase and is approximately 8 inches longer and 5 inches wider than the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V.

The Prologue will have a generous interior, which will provide ample space for passengers and cargo. The Prologue features a technically rich interior, a standard 11-inch all-digital driver display and an 11-inch audio/connectivity display.

These are the dimensions of the prologue:

Exterior dimensions Inch Wheelbase 121.8 Length 192.0 Width 78.3 Height 64.7 Wheel diameter 21

Unfortunately, Honda has not released the specs for the Prologue, although it is expected to be something similar to the Chevy Blazer EV as Honda uses GM’s Ultium EV platform.

There is still plenty of time to release that information, as the electric SUV won’t hit the market until 2024.

Electrek’s Take

It looks sharp. It’s not a bad SUV.

However, I think Honda is flirting with bankruptcy with its EV plan.

The automaker has released this timeline for its electric vehicles in North America:

2024: Start of sales of the Honda Prologue, co-developed with GM 2026: Start of sales of Honda e:Architecture-based models manufactured by Honda in North America. 2027: Start selling a new line of affordable EVs co-developed with GM, also manufactured by Honda in North America.

Nothing until 2024 – and that’s something GM’s technology uses – and then its own EV built from the ground up won’t come until 2026.

To me that sounds like too little too late, and they’re basically giving up the North American market. By 2026, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would buy anything other than an all-electric vehicle when looking for a new car.

It doesn’t sound like Honda is ready for that.

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