Honda unveils new aggressive e:N2 EV platform design for a ‘rebirth to an electric mobility brand’

Honda just announced its next electric car platform, called the e:N2, on which it plans to base some of its promised 10 new EVs for the Chinese market by 2027. it to a retail vehicle, but according to Honda it is an example of the direction of mass production it will take in the coming years. The entire design package will provide “intellectual excitement” as passengers feel at one with the car through a minimalist cockpit and stimulators such as mood lighting, fragrances or Honda’s CONNECT infotainment.

The FWD concept is believed to provide superior handling and stability so that the driver can achieve “unique driving pleasure, allowing the driver to experience a strong ‘sense of oneness with the vehicle’.” Honda would like to emphasize the uniqueness of the e:N2 design concept that looks different from all other EVs, except perhaps Tesla’s angular Cybertruck. According to Honda’s CEO Toshihiro Mibu:

Honda will accelerate several electrification initiatives across the value chain, including R&D, procurement, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, and further expand e: In the N product matrix, 10 pure electric vehicles will be launched by 2027, one after another , and at the same time, it will provide Chinese users with e:N products full of endless fun with a solid and stable full value chain system.

Although Honda was one of the last to stand out in the top 5 global automakers to announce its electric vehicle transformation strategy, it did so with a bang and at the $40 billion earmarked for that purpose. Currently, it only plans to offer the Honda Prologue electric SUV built on GM’s Ultium EV platform in the US, but in China, the GAC-Honda joint venture has already launched the affordable e:NP1 crossover.

The US$26,000 SUV is the first example of Honda’s affordable electric car entry strategy that aims to leverage the Ultium platform partnership with GM to explore the underserved market niche of low-cost electric cars under US$30,000 where Tesla will also be aiming for the Model 2 .

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