Honda teases a new Accord with a streamlined look for the 2023 midsize sedan model

Japanese automaker Honda plans to rejuvenate the mid-size sedan market with the 2023 Honda Accord hybrid for enhanced performance and sleek styling. While we’ll have to wait until next month for specific details on the car, Honda has released a few teaser images that give us an idea of ​​what’s expected at the company’s press event.

Honda teases new Accord with a sleek look for 2023 midsize sedan model 08 3


As shown in the image of the rear section of the Accord, the upcoming model will have LED taillights that extend further than previous models. The framed look comes from the lights that are scattered across the back of the car, but don’t end with the Honda decal on either side.

The upcoming Accord is the 11th generation of the Honda midsize sedan and will have a 12.3-inch touchscreen and full Google integration for better connectivity. The screen is the largest Honda has ever used in any of its vehicles, according to the company, and it appears to be sufficient for the car’s interior. As shown on the infotainment screen, the Play Store and Google voice assistant are accessible for driver and passenger use – and a physical on/off button for audio and volume is available.

Here is the limited view of the interior of the Honda Accord 2023:

Honda teases a new Accord with a sleek look for 2023 midsize sedan model 07 3

Unfortunately, Honda was very careful about showing additional details about the dashboard or center console design, but it looks like it will be a simple and clean design.

Honda promised a full disclosure of the 2023 deal sometime in November. Honda has a long track record of auto manufacturing in North America, with nearly 20 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico – and at least 95% of Honda cars sold in the US are locally produced .

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