Honda Starts Sales of “Honda Power Pack Exchanger e:” Battery Swapping Station, Business News

TOKYO, Oct. 25, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it has begun selling the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: battery exchange station in Japan, with the first unit delivered to Gachaco Inc., a battery-sharing joint venture. Gachaco today started operating the first mass production model of the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: in Japan.Honda Power Pack Exchanger e:Product website: (Japanese)

Honda is committed to carbon neutrality for all products and businesses that Honda will be involved in by 2050. The electrification of mobility products, which is indispensable to achieve this goal, has three challenges that must be tackled: short range, long charging time and high battery costs. By addressing such challenges with interchangeable batteries and their sharing service, Honda aims to help accelerate electrification and expand the use of renewable energy.

Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: is a battery exchange station that simultaneously charges multiple units of Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (MPP e:) and allows smooth battery exchange for users of electric motorcycles and other mobile products equipped with MPP e:. Users can access fully charged MPP e: when needed at battery exchange stations in the city, enabling efficient use of electric mobility products without waiting for the batteries to charge.

Developed as a battery infrastructure that can be widely used inside and outside Japan, Honda Power Pack Exchanger e has an exterior design that blends well with the cityscape and uses the Honda Power Pack Cloud system that provides all the information needed for a battery centrally manages sharing service in the cloud. In addition, Honda was committed to convenience and ease of use for both battery-sharing service companies and users of electric mobility products.

In India, through its local subsidiary, Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt. Ltd. (HEID), Honda has already started sharing batteries for electric tricycle taxis (“rickshaws”), using Honda Power Pack Exchanger e:.

By offering the products and operating system to customers interested in battery sharing, Honda will continue to support the electrification of their mobility products and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.

For more information about the joint battery sharing service of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Gachaco Inc. to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government .html (Japanese)

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