Honda India two-wheelers are getting more expensive as the company raises prices. Details here:

Buying a Honda India two-wheeler is set to become more expensive as the company has announced a price increase on scooters and bicycles it produces, according to a report in the Hindustan Times’ sister publication Live Hindustan. While the increase is highest for the CB200X motorcycle (Rs. 17,340), the cost of the Activa 6G STD scooter has increased by just 968 (72,400 from ₹71,432 in April).

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Among the scooters, Grazia 125 Drum and Grazia 125 Disc are available for 88,536 and 81,211, respectively, up from 6,396 with each of their respective costs in April. The prices of Dio STD and Dio DLX have been increased by 5,588 and 5,690 respectively; before the overhaul, these were available for purchase at 62,229 and ₹ ₹65,627.

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Meanwhile, Activa 125 Disc, Activa 125 Alloy, Activa 125 Drum and Activa 6G DLX are more expensive at ₹1,036, 1,126, ₹1,127 and 1,223 respectively. These are available now for 74,400 (6G DLX), 76,025 (125 drum), 79,693 (125 alloy) and 83,198 (125 disc).

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On the other hand, among the bikes, DC110 Dream DLX, Livo Drum, Livo Disc, CB Shinde Drum and CB Shinde Disc are each priced at 1,064 more, while SP 125 Drum and SP 125 Disc are 1,079 each more expensive. Also, a potential customer will have to pay 7,079 and ₹7,968 more for Hornet and Blade, respectively, and ₹7,763 more for each of X-Blade and X-Blade DX.

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CB200X costs 1,47,535, up from 130,195, while the corresponding figures for CB 350 DLX and CB 350 DLX PRO are 198,179 and 186,500 and ₹203,179 and 192,500, respectively.


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