Honda fully unveils the design of its electric Prologue SUV

Honda has finally given more than a small glimpse into the prologue, and it could be interesting if you’re not into overly flashy EV designs. The company has provided a full design sample indicating that the electric SUV is built to be practical, not flashy. The “neo-rugged” (yes, we know) styling isn’t special, aside from the 21-inch wheels and the pinned Honda decal on the rear, and the focus is more on an interior with “enough” space for people and their equipment. This is aimed entirely at new EV buyers who want the assurance of a trusted design – you could switch from a CR-V or passport without feeling like you’ve stepped onto another planet.

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There will be a lot of technology in it. While Honda hasn’t shared all the details of the interior, you can expect an 11-inch digital instrument display, 11-inch infotainment display and USB-C ports. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and a WiFi hotspot mode are available. This isn’t a touchscreen-dominated vehicle like the adorable Honda E, but the technology is clearly prominent. Again, it is focused on practice.

The Prologue is being developed together with GM and is based on the American brand’s Ultium platform. It’s the first salvo in a larger electrification push that includes EVs built on the internal “e:Architecture” in 2026, and cheaper models (also with GM) in 2027.

Much of the prologue is still a mystery, including the range and pricing. It won’t reach North America until sometime in 2024. However, Honda characterizes it as a step up from the CR-V hybrid with a longer wheelbase (8 inches longer and 5 inches wider). We expect the company to price the pure EV accordingly, and it’s even planning a two-year lease for the 2023 CR-V hybrid in hopes of attracting buyers who want to make it easier to drive electric.

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