Honda City e: HEV – India’s first 1000 km range car

We recently drove the City e:HEV and covered almost 500 km on half a tank of fuel, with an efficiency of 26.6 km/litre. That makes it possible India’s first car to drive 1,000 km on a full tank.

There is math to support the case.

The city has a 40 liter fuel tank, and even if 38 liters of it are usable, the city can travel 1,010 km (38 multiplied by 26.6).

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The City e:HEV is a hybrid car, and this is how hybrids deliver very low fuel consumption:

—If you start to drive slowly, the car will only run on the electric motor. —If you do not press the accelerator pedal, you can continue to drive the electric motor for some distance (depending on the charge level of the battery). —If you hold down the accelerator pedal, both the engine and the electric motor start to drive the wheels. – When you approach a traffic light and brake, regenerative braking converts the kinetic energy of the car into electrical energy and charges the battery. – At a complete stop, the petrol engine shuts off, but the electric motor stays on, keeping the air conditioning running, without the unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions associated with idling.

All this leads to amazing fuel efficiency.

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