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Assets is a scooter that everyone in the Indian market knows. It has kind of become synonymous with a scooter. So why is Activa so popular? It is especially popular for its reliability, mileage and low maintenance costs. Another reason for the success of Activa is the constant updates that Honda brings to it. Honda has made it a habit to update the Assets every two years. So the Assets 7G should be around the corner. So what to expect? In today’s article, let’s talk about the 2023 Honda Activa 7G.

Design2023 Honda Assets 7G

The design of the Activa has remained more or less the same over the past generations. So we don’t expect Honda to make major design changes to the Assets 7G. Honda could give it a sharper design to attract a younger crowd. Also, like the Activa 6G, it would usually come with a fuel valve placed externally for greater convenience.

2023 Honda Assets 7G – Specifications2023 Honda Assets 7G

The Activa 7G will largely continue with the same 109.51 cc engine that can produce 7 hp and 8.79 Nm of torque. So, will there be nothing new with the specs? It is rumored that Honda could give the Activa 7G a hybrid setup. Currently, Yamaha offers this on the Fascino and Ray ZR. These two-wheelers have a stationary start-stop system and smart engine generator systems that improve fuel economy. Honda could also offer larger tires to improve the scooter’s ride and handling.

Functions2023 Honda Assets 7G

Honda will have to load the Assets with features to attract customers. The Activa 7G could get a digital instrument panel. Currently, the Activa 6G comes with an analog instrument panel, which seems a bit outdated compared to some of its competitors. Other than that, the Activa 7G can come with Bluetooth connectivity, a hybrid switch, etc.

2023 Honda Activa 7G – Launch and Pricing2023 Honda Assets 7G

Honda launched Activa 5G in 2018 and Activa 6G in 2020. So technically Honda should have launched the Activa 7G in 2022, but the ongoing chip shortage must have affected Honda’s plan. So, when can we expect the launch of the Assets 7G? The launch should take place in mid-2023. As for the price, the Assets 7G could get a price increase from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 depending on the variants.

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