History on wheels: Honda CB series has come a long way since its inception; This is what Akshai Varde says about it

There are very few legends that live long enough to see themselves become a legend and very few legacies that actually carry over centuries and live that long. One of those legacies was created by Honda in 1965 with the CB series of bikes and car enthusiasts still love it as much as anything. To reminisce about some facts and the journey of the Honda CB series, we invited Akshai Varde to our latest episode of History on Wheels to learn more about the company and the bike. You can watch the entire episode of History On Wheels at the link below. And if you want to learn more about the Honda CB series of bikes, hold on and read the end.

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History on wheels with the revolutionary HONDA CB 350 ft Akshai Varde

In the latest episode of History on Wheels, Mashable India has invited Akshai Varde, an entrepreneur, a media person and also the owner of Vardenchi Motorcycles. Our host took a little ride with Akshai, both on their Honda CB series bike, and discussed how the company has developed the entire CB series since its inception.

“When I had a day job and needed a motorcycle, I went out and bought one and I modified it because I wanted things to have my own identity. It’s a motorcycle that you can feel very comfortable in and I think Honda as a brand has really mastered the art of making low-maintenance motorcycles,” Akshai shared his thoughts on Honda CB H’ness.

Akshai has made some notable changes to his bike, as you can see in the video. He changed the handlebars, the mirror setup, the saddle, the exhaust, the lights and also the fall guards. The bike looks great with such minor changes.

Honda CB Inception

In 1965, when Honda first started developing the bike, it was based entirely on the Moto GP. However, Honda CB was the answer to all the prayers in the classic segment motorcycle and the company did a great job launching the Honda CB450 with the twin-cylinder engine. Shortly thereafter, the company launched the CB 750 with an in-line four-cylinder engine, the brand’s first bicycle with disc brakes. It was a good balance between a nice sporty bike and a daily driver.

According to Akshai, the evolution of the CB series bikes is very interesting. From the 60’s to what the CB is today is great, the company has kept the authenticity and kept the bike’s original look and feel alive. There’s a lot to talk about about Honda’s entire CB series, which will never end. You can watch the video above to learn more about the history of the CB series.

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