Hindu woman complains about religious discrimination at work

Hindus, a minority in the Muslim country of Pakistan, are often the target of hatred, kidnapping, rape, forced marriage and death. In one of those recent incidents, a Hindu girl was mentally tortured after being taken into a company in Karachi, Pakistan. She said she was treated badly because she was a Hindu.

The incident was brought to light by Narain Das Bheel, the founder and chief organizer of a Hindu organization called the ‘Hindus Organization of Sindh’. He said the victim girl was his girlfriend and that she was tortured in a company in Karachi because she was a Hindu.

I have a Hindu friend who got a job in a new company in Karachi, today she tells me about her pain. “I’m a Hindu, nobody talks to me in the office.” My boards are separated I cried yesterday My mom said no I’ll go there if I get a job somewhere else.copy Sarman Brohi pic.twitter.com/dOMLima3RL

— Narain Das Bheel (@NarainDasBheel8) October 14, 2022

“I have a Hindu friend who got a job in a new company in Karachi. Today she told me about her pain,” Bheel said when sharing the screenshot of his Whatsapp conversation with the victim girl. The girl in the call said no one in the office spoke to her because she was Hindu. “I was crying yesterday. My dishes in the office are kept separate and nobody touches them,” the girl informed during the conversation.

She also said that the Islamists in her office treated her like animals. “..Jaise mai janwar hu. Agar mai bord me se kheera utha ke kha lu to puri bord garbage can me daal dete hai (.. Like I’m an animal. If I eat a cucumber from their plate, they throw all the food away),” she said.

A local political worker Sarman Brohi (according to Twitter bio) also posted on social media about the October 13 incident. He stated that the woman entered the business as a textile designer and was tortured because she belonged to the Hindu religion. The girl went on to say that she would be leaving the job and that she was looking for a better opportunity.

As if I’m an animal, animals don’t do this to me.

— Sarman Brohi (@SarmanBrohi) October 13, 2022

Hindus living in Pakistan have faced setbacks and severe institutionalized discrimination in Pakistan. Hindus in the country are becoming the target of hatred, violent conversion, kidnapping, rape and even death. Recently amid the floods that broke out in Pakistan’s Sindh province, a young girl was raped by two Pakistani Muslims in the flood-affected area on the pretext of providing groceries and food. The two suspects have been identified as Khalid, an auto rickshaw driver, and Dilsher. The duo, belonging to the Macchi caste, allegedly drugged the victim’s wife and brutally raped her for two days.

Also on August 31, a video from Pakistan had gone viral on social media showing a man complaining about attempted rape of their wives by the Pakistani mobsters. Furthermore, in September this year, a heartbreaking incident was reported from Sindh where an 8-year-old Hindu girl was raped during the devastating floods. The suspects scratched her entire face and probed her eyes as well.

Later, a journalist from Ghotki was also arrested for reporting on the plight of Pakistani Hindus trapped in flooding in Pakistan’s Sindh province. He had told the heartbreaking story of Pakistani Hindus who belonged to the Bhagri community in Mirpur Mathelo in Sindh. The journalist reported that the local government had expelled the people of the Bhagri community from the refugee camp because they were Hindus.

The #Hindu Bhagri community in Mirpur Mathelo, #Sindh province claimed that the local government had evicted them from the refugee camp and told them they were not victims of the flooding. pic.twitter.com/degzAs4iMa

— SAMRI (@SAMRIReports) September 7, 2022

Note that many of the Hindus living in Pakistan’s Sindh province are among the poorest sections of Pakistani society. They face human rights violations in land grabs, kidnapping and conversion cases. They have fewer job opportunities and many still live as forced laborers among Muslim landlords. Hindus are also routinely exploited and do not dare to report it to the police.

The Pakistani courts have consistently failed to do justice to the Hindus in Pakistan. A 2019 field research report from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has confirmed an unpleasant reality that has been known for far too long: minorities in Pakistan live under constant fear of persecution because their perpetrators enjoy legal sanctions, support from the influential and wealthy section of society and patronage of political leaders.

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