‘Gadhe ko bhi BAAP banana padey…’: Wasim Akram condemns Babar Azam’s Pakistan, questions Shoaib Malik’s ouster | Cricket News

Following Pakistan’s shocking defeat to Zimbabwe in the 2022 Super 12 T20 World Cup, the selection of the squad for the big tournament was kept under scrutiny. While many fans question Pakistan’s middle class, legendary bowler Wasim Akram also accused captain Babar Azam of selecting players he likes or who are his friends, as seen in a video below. Wasim’s main agenda was to question the decision to drop veteran middle-class batter Shoaib Malik.

Interestingly, Wasim said it is the World Cup that Pakistan is not playing some neighborhood game that Babar may decide to keep his acquaintance around. Akram said Babar needs to be smarter in selecting his players and was not happy with Shoaib Malik’s decision to miss the World Cup. (How can PAKISTAN be eligible for SEMIS? Check here)

Watch the video here…

The absolute nonsense thrown here by the legend Wasim Akram, who accuses Babar Azam of selecting his ‘friends’ and doing a massive PR stunt for Shoaib Malik. He says Malik should have been selected because it was Australia. Tell him Malik’s stats in Aus. Unreal. pic.twitter.com/2cjxTD02Zj — Hassan Cheema (@Gotoxytop1) October 28, 2022

“(From last year we know that the middle order is weak) Ek saal se we know that the middle order is weak/unreliable. Here is Shoaib Malik, if I strive to win the World Cup I will take the best option available in any place.(If I am captain and to win the World Cup I have to make a donkey my father I will do it) Agar mujhe gadhe ko bhi baap bnana pade toh mai banaluga to win the World Cup,” said wasim.

“Babar needs to be more intelligent. This isn’t a ditch cricket team that someone comes into the team based on preferences. I’m just saying what I hear.”

“If I was the selector I would have kept Malik in the middle order on day one. It’s Australia, it’s not Sharjah, Dubai or Pakistan that there will be dead wickets,” Akram said on the YouTube show. (‘Aur karo Virat Kohli se compare,’ Babar Azam TROLLED after poor performance in T20 World Cup 2022)

Akram did clarify that he does not think the selected players are bad or unworthy, but he said it is not Sharjah or the UAE and that Malik has a lot of experience playing in Australia, more than any other middle class player at the moment. Akram spoke on a show called ‘Pavilion’ alongside Shoaib Malik, Waqar Younis and Misbah-ul-Haq, where he expressed disappointment with the World Cup squad selection.

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