Deny Same Faith Ticket, Northern Group Urges Nigerians

Northern States Christian Elders Forum chairman Oyinehi Ejoga on Saturday asked Christians to reject the All Progressives Congress the same ticket of faith held by Bola Tinubu and his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking while addressing delegates at the NOSCEF National Congress in Kaduna, Ejoga said it was time for Christians to revolt against the APC’s Muslim-Islamic presidential ticket or else it would face future elections in the United States. stay country.

In his view, despite the national outcry that followed the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket, the APC’s insistence shows that the party had no respect whatsoever for Christians in the country, adding that if nothing is done now, Christians will the end of in the future.

He said: “Unpatriotic politicians will use whatever formula they can to win elections, whether it hurts or not, and promise to calm down like APC does after all the pleas. They will reject any formula that will make them lose elections in the future.

“Make the single creed card unappealing for the future by killing it now or make yourself an irrelevant article in the election equation for the future forever.

“A people easily persuaded by personal and selfish gains to destroy the Body will be a Judas to Christendom. Let us be men and women of principles and faithfulness to God.

“We urge all believers of Nigeria to reject the single faith ticket to frustrate a policy of exclusion that considers regional balance but insensitive to faith inclusion.”

Guest speaker at the event, Prof. Josiah Onaolapo, said it was time for Christians across the country to actively participate in politics to correct some of the ills in the country.

Speaking of the theme, “Politics Today: Which Way For Northern Christians,” Onaolapo noted that the absence of Christians from politics in the country was responsible for the dire state of affairs in Nigeria at the moment.

He said: “Christians should join politics. After God, politics leads the country. So the church should be an essential part of those who lead Nigeria.

“If Christians are serious about politics, we will not be in the country where we are today. The church had functioned as a moral compass without being practitioners. So it’s time we woke up.”

Onaolapo, deploring the persecution of Christians in the north, added that in the entire region, only three states are ruled by Christians in the north, comprising 19 states.

He therefore noted that the 2023 general election poses a threat to the political viability of Northern Christians, pointing out that Northern Christians must take their fate into their own hands or else they are doomed to live.

He said: “There is no state in the north that does not have about 30 percent Christians in the northern states, including the states of Sokoto and Zamfara.

“What are we doing with our population? It’s time to use our number to effect political change.

“It is a known fact that Muslims in the north will vote for their brothers.

“Unfortunately, I have seen that when it is the turn of the north to take the presidential seat, Christians will be drawn to northern Muslims.

“When it comes time for the south, we are drawn to southern Christians. Isn’t it a shame.

He added: ‘Does this mean we don’t have Christians in the north who can run for president? One party said Northern Christians are politically worthless in Nigeria, so they chose another Muslim as their vice presidential candidate.

“Do you blame them, the answer is no. They see you as buyable. The 2023 elections threaten the political viability of Northern Christians.

“We have to fight as if our lives depend on it. If you close the door against Christians in the north, the door is closed forever.

“If we allow the door to be closed to Christians in Kaduna, the door will be closed forever.

“Northern Christians must take their fate into their own hands or else they will be politically wiped out. The political equation in Nigeria will be swept away.”

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