Delivery time Honda HR-V postponed to July 2023

Honda HR-V was launched last Friday (October 21, 2022) and we have shared the booking price and delivery details with you. The company official told us at the event that if you book the car tomorrow, you’ll get it in November 2022. If you book the vehicle at the end of this week or month, the car will be delivered in December 2022. And if you stop by the Honda dealership next month or later for the booking, you’ll get the car in January 2023. However, it appears there’s been a change or a U-Turn in the company’s policy on Honda’s delivery time. HR-V.

Today, the famous journalist Omar R. Quraishi shared on Twitter a family member’s experience of booking this new crossover SUV. According to Quraishi, his relative visited a Honda dealer in Karachi, asked about the delivery time and was told by staff that he would receive the car in January 2023.

“My relative got this information from the sales staff at the dealer – went to the bank to make the payment order and deposited it at the dealer on Tuesday (October 25) – by midday a call was received from the dealer informing the customer informed that delivery had been postponed until June,” the journalist wrote. He claimed it came from Honda Atlas, and the threat of “ON Money” is behind it. You can read his tweets in this thread:

A family member went to Honda Defense in Karachi after hearing of the release of the HR-V model – the vehicle costs Rs 6.2 million and you need to submit an advance of Rs 1.3 million to reserve your vehicle The model was unveiled last Friday (October 21) and were told by Monday’s customers delivery was in January

— omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) October 25, 2022

New Honda HR-V Delivery time

After this tweet, PakWheels decided to find out the truth; so we called three different Honda dealers in Lahore. And the dealers confirmed this update. The employee of the first dealer told us that the delivery time is now July 2023. “This period is for today’s bookings, and if you book the car tomorrow it may take even longer,” the representative told us.

After inquiring about the previous delivery time announced by Honda, another dealer official told us that “all places are filled until July”. Meanwhile, the third dealer said the delivery time is June-July 2023.

The company’s U-Turn is surprising because this practice will further encourage the practice of “ON Money” in the local market.

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