Couple ‘Hitchhiked’ at Honda Center Celebrates 2nd Anniversary – NBC Los Angeles

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough, especially for couples looking to make their union official.

Fortunately, Honda Center in Anaheim partnered with the Orange County government to help lovebirds get married and even hold pandemic-style wedding ceremonies.

The home for the Anaheim Ducks launched the “Hitched at Honda Center” initiative in 2020 to serve as a wedding venue for couples looking to get married or obtain their marriage license.

Fast-forward to October 2022, those couples were invited back to Honda Center to celebrate their two-year anniversary with a surprise party.

Their wedding officiant, Ducks television host Kent French, DJ JoJo and radio broadcaster Steve Carroll, also attended the event to mark the reunion.

“It was a dream come true,” recalls Angie Moreno, who married her husband Steve at the hockey stadium. “Due to COVID, this was the best thing that could have happened to us at such a difficult time.”

JoJo Maestrado, who broadcasts for the Ducks, remembers how nervous he was when he performed to lead some weddings.

“I’ve been in front of the microphone many times, maybe in front of thousands of people here at Honda Center,” said Maestrado, who is better known among Ducks fans as DJ JoJo. “But this was their biggest day. To be sworn in that day and to [the] ceremony — thank you so much for letting me be there.”

To comply with coronavirus protocols, couples have gone through unusual steps to get married. On their wedding day, they had to wait in their car for their appointment, then walk to the cash registers and communicate with the officiants through the glass door.

While the Ducks led the “Hitched at Honda Center” initiative for 9 months, organizers said there were 16,838 wedding licenses and 8,252 wedding ceremonies were performed.

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