CBSE Exam: CBSE 10th and 12th exams for students participating in sports and Olympic events will be held later in 2023

Students participating in Olympiads and other international and domestic sports competitions receive specific considerations from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

If the CBSE board exams for class 10 or 12 clash with dates of national or international sporting events, such as those approved by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) or their dates of the international Olympiads recognized by Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE), they will have the opportunity to appear for the exams at a later date.

According to a notice published on October 21, the students should apply to their school in such specific circumstances. In addition, they must obtain a certificate of participation from the HBCSE, BCCI or SAI. The official letter states that they must ensure that the school advisories and certificates of attendance are at the regional CBSE office by December 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions

What restrictions apply to using this feature? The board also clarified that participation in training or selection camps based on this potential is not allowed. In addition, the CBSE does not allow any other absences from class.

When will the rescheduled exams take place? According to the council’s exam schedule for 2023, the rescheduled exam should ideally occur within 15 days of the most recent exam. However, students may not use this special feature for other assessments.

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