Cartoon: Uvalde father request



So Brett Cross, a man I admire deeply for his relentless pursuit of justice for his son Uziyah Garcia, 10, who was gunned down at Uvalde Elementary School earlier this year, made this open, casual request on Twitter. After he went after the useless US Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter, he called him an ‘ignorant bread’, among other things. The tweets tell the story, I got inspired and decided to draft Ted Cruz like a loaf of bread, resulting in the image above. Brett loved it and asked to use the image for a personalized t-shirt. I told him the image is of him to use for many t-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, anything that spreads the message that Ted Cruz is a squishy bag of carbs. Brett has been vocal at Uvalde City Council meetings, school board meetings and in the media in general. I feel for this fellow father, and I cannot imagine what he is experiencing. I hope that one day he finds peace and that one day we can come out of this self-inflicted American massacre wound.

When shirts become available for sale, I’ll announce it and encourage you to visit Brett’s t-shirt sale page. Meet Brett Cross here.


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