Brown’s scream fest: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The once Super Bowl-hyped now beleaguered Browns boiled over into a locker room screaming fest after another avoidable horrific loss to the Ravens in Baltimore. The 23-20 defeat was the team’s 4th in a row with a total of nine points.

Screams and screams could be heard from the Browns locker room in the press room next door. Head coach Kevin Stefanski and Pro Bowl defensive end Myles Garrett dismissed the screams and profane exclamations for lacking leadership as just “normal football stuff” and locker room talk.

The Browns would have won the game by 7 to 14 points if the late touchdown from wide receiver Amari Cooper had not been recalled due to an interference penalty on him, and if quarterback Jacoby Brissett had not dropped the ball to the Ravens on the 25-yard line, leading to a Ravens touchdown.

It didn’t help that Stefanski again turned to backup Brissett when it mattered most, instead of Nick Chubb, the NFL’s top running back, who stopped him at 16 carriers, or the second-best running back in the world. the NFL Kareem Hunt, giving him the ball only 5. time.

A questionable offside at the Browns moved a potentially tying field goal from Cade York back to a 60-yarder, which was then deflected by the Ravens.

To the credit, the underperforming Browns defense did improve, limiting Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and completely knocking out Ravens Marc Andrews’ damaging tight end.

Found the Brown’s post-game reports blaringly positive, as with a few exceptions such as Nick Chubb, the team and coach have shown a disturbing lack of fire in the games and post-game interviews.

What Stefanski uses more than Chubb and Hunt is the word “frustrating.”

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