Bilkis’ husband on the release of defiant convicts

The 11 men were released on August 15 and were greeted with garlands and sweets outside Godhra sub-prison.

In a statement released two days after their release, Bano said she was “devoid of words” and “numb”. “Two days ago, on August 15, 2022, the trauma of the past 20 years engulfed me once again. When I learned that the 11 convicted men who destroyed my family and my life and took my three-year-old daughter from me were on the loose.”, was her statement.

In an interview with The Quint on August 21, six days after the convicts were released, Rasool said Bano was in shock. “Bilkis toh itni maayus hai ki usne abhi tak kisi se baat nahi ki hai. Uska dil dukha hai aur uske mann mein darr baith gaya hai. .)” he said.

Reflecting on the family’s two-decade-long battle, he had said that “the verdict ended their 18-year-long battle in one fell swoop.”

“Hum apni life bas thodi si try to improve, thay ki ki bada hatka hume lag gaya.” (Just when we were thinking about improving our lives, we got this shocking news),” Rasool said in August.

Three months later, according to Rasool, Bano has “recovered from the initial shock and is feeling better”.

Bano’s lawyer, Shobha Gupta, told The Quint that while not much can be revealed at this time, they have filed a written petition against the early release of the 11 convicts and a request for review against the Supreme Court’s decision giving the Gujarat government a can make a decision. on the pardon of the convicts.

“We cannot tell you much at the moment. We have approached the Supreme Court to challenge the release of the convicts as the Gujarat government is not the proper authority to grant them pardon,” she said.

The case was referred to the Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud on 30 November for listing.

According to ANI news agency, CJI Chandrachud said he will look into whether both pleas can be heard together and whether they can be heard before the same bank.

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