Alpine’s protest against Alonso sentence declared inadmissible

The FIA ​​Stewards have ruled that Alpine’s protest over Haas’ post-race dispute is inadmissible, but the French manufacturers have requested a review of the matter.

Haas protested in the United States on Sunday night on the grounds that Alonso and Sergio Perez’s cars were in an unsafe condition after separate incidents for those drivers. Perez was not sanctioned, but Alonso was given a 30-second penalty after the Austin race because his car was not found to be in a “safe condition” after colliding with Lance Stroll. As a result, the two-time champion was relegated from seventh to 15th.

Alpine then disputed Haas’s protests on the grounds that they were filed too late – 24 minutes after the stated deadline – but the FIA ​​concluded in Mexico City that “there is no possibility or right for either side to” protest” against a decision of the stewards nor against a call for a hearing.”

The FIA ​​noted that: “The appropriate course of action for Alpine, had it not been in agreement with the stewards’ decision, would have been to appeal to the FIA ​​International Court of Appeal, and to doing so should have made known its intention to appeal to the stewards within one hour of the decision, as required by the FIA ​​International Sporting Code and the FIA ​​Judicial and Disciplinary Rules.”

In response, Alpine has requested a “right of review” of the stewards’ decision – as they are allowed to do provided it is within 14 days of the end of the game in question – “to determine whether an important and relevant new element has been discovered that was not available to BWT Alpine at the time of the decision.”

That hearing took place in Mexico City at 2045 local time on Thursday, with representatives from Haas and Alpine being subpoenaed. Both teams are now awaiting a decision from the Stewards.

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