All sports activities in Nagaland controlled by ‘cartel’, claims RPP | MorungExpress

Dimapur, Oct. 25 (MexN): The Rising People’s Party (RPP) claimed today that while the state government is making “big noises” about developing sports, all sports activities in Nagaland are controlled by a “cartel of politicians and extra-constitutional authorities.

The recent tidal wave between a retired DGP and his colleagues in the NOA (Nagaland Olympic Association) brought this point to the fore, the RPP insisted in a press release.

The NFA (Nagaland Football Association) voted against Bhaichung Bhutia in the recent AIFF presidential election “is also a good example of the cartel that puts politics above sports, it said.

In this regard, the RPP vowed that if it “comes to power,” the party will “destroy the cartel that has done nothing for sport in the state, except pay lip service.”

The RPP further noted that it would identify “core competency areas in sports” to be identified, pursued and developed in Nagaland.

For example, during the RPP Walkathon around Nagaland, it was discovered that the Mon district has a lot of potential for sports, it claimed.

It also promised a ‘Sports Policy’ for the State, which would arrange, among other things, that sports administration is handled by athletes and that all sports associations under the NOA are streamlined.

Special emphasis will be on shooting, wrestling, boxing, cricket, other martial arts, football, badminton and archery, it added, while at least two of the disciplines would become part of the “school curriculum according to the skill of the districts.”

Nagas at the Olympics, a Special Vision 2032 will be unveiled and 3-5% of the state budget will be set aside for sports, it further promised.

Under the policy, the permit/license to start a school would not be given unless there is enough playground, the RPP said.

Athletes at the national level will be honored with job security in the police force or in the sports department, it said.

It also pledged to streamline TaFMA and “directly” handle all music and sports activities by the Youth Resources and Sports Directorate.

A Hall of Fame for athletes will be established and their achievements will be part of the school curriculum, it added.

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