“Albert Einstein”: very attentive father looks after child, child quietly watches cartoon in video under the table

A father has been praised for the way he looked after his child and kept him busy with his tablet on the table. After setting up the child’s animation, the man positioned the device’s screen so that the child could see it through the table. , the child lay on his back in an apron-like fabric while focusing on the cartoon characters on the screen

A woman, @giszlife, left her baby with her husband to babysit and was surprised at how creative the man was with the child.

To keep baby comfortable and entertained, he put an animation on his tablet and placed the screen over their glass table.

Creative babysitting ideas / child watched cartoon under the table.The boy blocked his figures as he watched the cartoon with full attention. Photo source: TikTok/@giszlife Source: UGCFather’s creative babysitting

The boy lay on his back under the table and watched the cartoon through the transparent glass.

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Many people who commented on the video praised the man’s thoughtfulness in caring for the child.

Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has garnered over 100 comments with over 30,000 likes.

Legit.ng collected some of the comments below:

euqinahs1 said:

“Dad is genius, eyeland Eyewear lost a future customer…”

Skyblue said:

“Fathers are so incredibly creative.”

Nyaka said:

“Albert Einstein has nothing with him.”

Rhea Baptiste said:

“Wow… I’m learning from tik tok every day… this is awesome!”

Phil said:

“Guilty of this as a father, but his 6 knows how to use tablet batter than me.”

thatpretty_palesa said:

“Fathers will always make the impossible possible.”

Brie said:

“Aww so dear and well done daddy they find the creative ways to entertain babies.”

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Latonya Young said:

“Man, this has got to be the most brilliant idea the Dads’ Club has ever come up with.”

tank said:

“Fathers just have a magic that can’t be expressed in words.” Baby picked bag, “ran away”

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a TikTok video showed a child “walking away” after picking out what she really liked at a boutique.

Before walking to the door, she looked at some cute bags and chose one. Immediately the baby saw that it fit well, she quickly began to move towards the door. Her mother yelled for her to come back.

The boy kept moving with her new bag. Her mother had to drag her back to take the bag from her. It was such a funny sight.

Source: Legit.ng

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